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At West End Cycles we carry a range of exercise equipment for home use. Not only do we sell equipment, but we hire it too. This way you can try before you buy! We supply warranty back up from our trusted supplier.


No matter what you crave – the full-tilt sprint for the line, epic weekend miles with the crew, barrier-hopping in the wet, or quality track time – the right bike for your ride is waiting for you. Built for any road you put them on, just find a bike, open the throttle on your legs and ride.


Whether you prefer endless, flowy singletrack, or bombing downhill, kamikaze-style, find the perfect ride for your favourite terrain. These mountain steeds are high-tech, fast, and tested by riders under the toughest conditions to ensure you can crush hills and tame mountains with the best of ‘em.


Whether you need a bike for around the campsite or around town, we’ve got the solution for you. From recreation and urban exploration to rolling on dirt, our multi-use bikes deliver on their name.


What is better than a kid’s first bike? Maybe the second one, or the third… Wherever your child is in the spectrum – from straddling a confidence-building coaster to jumping a big-kid’s bike – we have the best quality and value for your little rider.


Whether you want to explore remote trails or sprint against buddies on the road, you’ll find the perfect shoe here. Need something on and off the bike? Done. How about tough and durable? Done. Light and breathable? You’ll find that too.


From high-performance helmets for racing to trusty about-towners, we’ve got you covered.


Our gloves connect you to the bar in a way that delivers great feel, control, confidence and protection with materials and construction designed to keep you riding.


Is your style all-out, race-ready and first across the line? Maybe you prefer to ride against the landscape, challenging yourself to long, epic days in the saddle? Our apparel is styled for how you ride, with a fit that’s engineered for comfort and moves with you.